How to set up a Softproof light project?



Soft Proofing Light is a good fit for clients who need to generate quick and simple templates that do not require strict branding limitations. This feature provides clients’ users with more freedom to create personalized collateral. Soft Proofing Light gives users greater flexibility to personalize different elements on variable print templates. From a default template, users can easily add, remove or reposition text and images as well as style text. In any case, administrators have the ability to control what editing tools are available or they can lock down specific elements such as image or text box so they cannot be edited.


  1. Add the new Template

Administrators simply start by adding an optional background, they can choose to lock it down or leave it open so users can use a different background.


  1. Go to Proofing / Click Online Designer
  2. Click the Add button and input Template name and upload template pdf.
  3. Add Text to create all the input fields in the portal form
  4. Add Variable Data when you want the form to auto-populate the user-profile data such as full name, phone, address, when they go to the product to personalize it.


  1. Add form fields

Next, set up default text areas. Administrators have the ability to turn on or off a combination of text controls to allow edits or to lock down text for no customizations. Text controls include ability to style text (font, style, size, color), reposition text boxes, add new text areas, delete existing text areas or simply change text.


  1. Change text
  2. Edit text attributes (font, size, styling, color)
  3. Reposition text boxes
  4. Delete or add text boxes


  1. Add images

Next, administrators set up image place holders. Images place holders can be set up blank or can include an image. When setting these up using images, administrators can restrict users from replacing images or not.


  1. Test

Finally, all there is left to do is add the part to the Soft Proofing Light project and assign the part to a part category and test it out on the portal.

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