Propago has it's own built in Purchase Order Workflow.

Propago has the functionality in place to automatically associate purchase orders with a sku and apply that purchase order when the sku has been received into the system. 

Create, edit, add parts and submit Purchase orders that are built right into the system for your convenience. 

Follow the instructions below to start utilizing Purchase Workflows today.

Purchase Order Workflow

1.) Create / Edit PO:  Create a Purchase Order to use for skus to be received against. Go to Orders menu then open Purchase Orders.  Click to Create PO and input the designated information and add the skus to be assigned to the PO. To edit a PO, click the PO number and add skus, edit pricing and add shipment cost.

2.) Create SKU: When creating the new sku/part select the option Purchase Workflow Part.  Additionally, to force the sku to use a Purchase Order for receipt, opt the Purchase Order Required. 

3.) Receive with PO: Go to Warehouse menu then Inventory Transactions / Receive.  Input the required fields, click add and see the popup window asking you to select the PO to apply to this receipt.  When Required PO is not opted, you will have an option to Not receive against the PO. 

 4.) Track POs: Track POs by going to Orders / Purchase orders page.  Here you will find PO numbers and Quantity Ordered, received, price and Quantity Available as well as shipment cost and order totals. Additionally you can search for skus in the Purchasing Queue and see all the POs that are created for that sku.



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