What is an Upload Part?

Propago has the ability to allow portal users to upload their own artwork to a sku.

This option resides on the part level and is referred to as an Upload Part.  When artwork is uploaded in the portal for this type part, the artwork is automatically associated with the sku in the Production queue for printing. 

To set up an upload part do the following:

1.) Create a new part: Go to the Parts page and Add new part

2.) Is PrintWorkflow: Check this option.  This ensures the order lines for this part will flow into the production queue for printing.

3.) Upload Options: Scroll down to the Upload Options. There are two options available to the user.

- Allow Upload: Allows the user to either upload artwork or SKIP the upload and use the artwork provided on the part when selected.

- Require Upload: This option forces the user to upload their artwork. 

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