Order Statuses and their meanings.

Orders follow a workflow based on customer settings;  from the point the order is submitted to the point the order is shipped out and closed by operations. 


The order statuses and descriptions are below.   

1.) Approval Denied:  Approving Manager has denied approval for the order.   

2.) Approval Pending: Order awaiting approval by the approving manager.  

3.) Released: Order has been released and is awaiting processing by operations.   

4.) On-Hold: Open order has been put on hold by Admin.  

5.) Firmed: Open order is in edit mode and cannot be processed until order has been set back to released.   

6.) Canceled: Order is cancelled and will not be fulfilled.   

7.) Fast Pick Pack: Order has been waved and is in processing stage for Fast Pick Pack.   

8.) Waved: Order has been waved and is waiting to be picked.  

9.) Picking: Order has been waved and is in picking process.   

10.) Shipping: Order is awaiting shipment transaction.   

11.) Closed: Order has shipped and is complete and closed.   

12.) Back Ordered: Order has been waved, but there is not sufficient inventory to fulfill order. Partial shipment may have occurred if allowed for this customer or order.            

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