How can I process large volume orders quickly and efficiently?

Processing high volume orders using order sets is another shipping method that maximizes resources and cuts production time significantly. 

Order sets are sets of orders that have been grouped where order lines and order quantities are all the same.  For instance,if there were a large promotional item order push for 25 or more recipients for 100 stress balls for all users in a certain group; Using order sets is deemed the quickest way to process and ship. 

Go to Warehouse / see the link at the top section of the page called Order Sets. Click the link and you will see all the orders that belongs to the set. Click to batch all the orders.  This will then take you to the batch shipping page, where you simply download all the orders from the system and print all the pick sheets and packlists at the same time.  Now you only need to scan in the order numbers, print your ship labels and your done. 

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