What does DSI stand for and why should I use it?

What does DSI stand for?

DSI or Days of Stock is a calculation that estimates how many days of stock are currently in the warehouse. This number is effective in helping you estimate how many days it will take to deplete your current stock. There are multiple DSI calculations in Propago: TimeFrame DSI will evaluate the calculation over the time period you are pulling data from, Thirty Day DSI looks at the last 30 days, and Total DSI is looking at all the history.

Why Should I use it?

Propago uses DSI for forecasting and analyzing whether velocity of usage is picking up or slowing down – giving you more accuracy in forecasting prediction.

Start using DSI

Adding DSI is simple.  Go to the part you want to start forecasting and add the DSI in the field.  Below is a list of criteria that is needed before a part can appear in the forecasting page.

For items to appear in the forecasting page the following criterion must be met:

  1. Product cannot be personalizable product.
  2. Product must have at least 30 days of order history.
  3. Product must have been ordered on at least 10 different days.
  4. Product must have been ordered in the last 90 days.

Once the part has met the criteria, go to Production menu and click on Forecasting.  Here  you can search skus, view forecasts, and automatically create Print Jobs and Purchase Orders all from one location.

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