How do Basic Order approvals work?

There are several different order approval workflows.  The most basic wok flow is the Single approvals on user spend limits.  This workflow is based on the user hierarchy set up.  All users reporting to the approving manager, will require approvals when their listed user spend limit is exceeded per order.   Note that the following must be set up before approvals go into effect. 

1.) Usergroup approval type should be Single 

2.) Approval Workflow should have approval on spend limit set. 

3.) Users requiring approvals should have the approving manager added to their user profile.  

Propago also sends out Approval notifications.  When a user submits an order that exceeds the user's set spend limit, an email notification will go to the Approving manager.  The user will also recieve an email notifying them that their order is pending approval.  The approving manager has the ability to approve the order directly from the email link or to browse to the order from the storefront when they are ready to proceed with the approval.  All approving managers can see all their own and their end user's orders at any time.  

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