What are UpChain Approvals and how do they work?

Propago has robust Approval flows to meet client's needs.  This article discusses Upchain approvals and provides examples of how each flow works.

The following Approval workflows are based on the following options; Single, UpChain-Single, UpChain-Multi.

1.) Single

Use Single when there is only one approving manager expected to approve orders and there is not a chain of managers the approvals need to go through first before the order is finally approved.

2.) Upchain-Single

Upchain-Single allows a user to have their order approved by the Approving Manager that has the appropriate spend limit that is MORE than the user's spend limit and more than the order total. This flow is based on a hierarchial set up. 

Example: The user may be assigned an approving manager that only has a spend limit (and ability to approve) of $500.00, but their approving manager has a spend limit (and ability to approve) $2,000.00. Therefore, the approval notification will go up the chain and directly to the approving manager with the $2000.00 spend limit when their order total is in excess of $500.00 (the first approver's spend limit). Essentially, skipping the first approving manager.

3.) UpChain-Multi

UpChain-Multi approvals go through multiple managers before the final approval. Once the first manager approves, if the order total is in excess of his spending limit, then the next approving manager will be sent a notification for approval request, if the order total is also in excess of his spending limit, it will go to the next approving manager until finally the approving manager with a spend limit greater than the order total, approves the order.

Example: The user submits an order which totals $500.00.  This user's spend limit is $250.00 therefore, the order passes into the order approval flow.  This user's assigned manager has a spend limit of $400.00.  Since the approving manager has a spend limit less than the users order total, they will need to approve the order before the order approval request will be sent to the next approving manager (which is the first approving manager's manager).  The order pending approval notification will continue up the chain going to every approving manager until the manager's spend limit exceeds the order total. 


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