What is a Bundle?

What is a Bundle and how should it be used?

Bundles are a type of kit allowing portal users to easily apply their personalized data values to many personalized templates using only one form.  For instance, if the client would like their customers to order a kit that contains a coffee mug, tshirt, business cards and pens, all these items can be added to the Bundle Kit.  The form fields may contain an option to upload customer's logo, contact information and a photo.  Once the form is submitted, Propago will automatically apply all the information the portal user submitted to each of the personalized items in the kit as required. 

Steps needed to create Bundles right away!

1.) Part Setup

A. Set up all parts that will be used in your Bundle

B. Add print specs, pricing, pieces, number of pages, print workflow, etc.

2.) Kit Set up

A. Create a New Part Kit

B. Select Bundle� from the Kit Type drop down list 

C. Add the Kit to the part category

D. Add all the kit components (new parts) to the kit 

3.) Global Form Set up

A. Create the Global Form variable names to align with the Soft Proof Project variables for easy assignment 

4.) Template Project 

A. Create the template Project

B. Set up the project variable names to align with the Global Form variables for easy variable assignment

5.) Soft Proof Project Set variables to Global Form variables

A. Create the Soft Project

B. Select the Global Form to be associated with the Project 

C. Add the new parts to the project

D. Set all variables to Global Form variable and sort the variables in the order you want them to appear in the personalized form 

6.) What happens

A. When the order is submitted each item in the kit will automatically be routed to their assigned part workflow. 

B. Personalized items will flow into the Custom Print On Demand Queue

C. Print on demand parts will flow into the Print On Demand Queue

D. Static parts will flow straight into fulfillment


Viola! Your bundle has been created.  Please let us know if these steps were helpful or if there is any other information you would like to know about Bundles. 

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