How to add a User to a User Group.

There are two ways of adding a user to user group.
You can add a user to user group while viewing the user account in detail under Customer Users. Simply select a user group from the User Group drop down list.
Or, you can do that under Customer User Group. Select the user group you wish to work with and click on the Users tab. Then click on Add User button to bring up the Add User to UserGroup interface. Perform a search to narrow down the user(s) you want to add to the user group if needed. Check the checkbox next to the user you wish to add and then click on Sumbit Selection.
The advantage of adding user(s) to user group under Customer User Group is that you can add multiple users at the same time. Please keep in mind that only active customer users that have not been added to a user group are listed in the Add User to UserGroup interface. (A customer user can only join one user group.)

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