How to Add Parts and Product Categories to your Portal


Step by Step instructions to Add a Product Category to your client's portal.


Part categories are used to categorize and group parts for ease of browsing for our portal users.   If a part is not added to a part category then it won't be accessible to the end users.  Note: You must give the user/usergroup access to this part category or they will not be able to view these parts.
To add a Part Category do the following:
1.) Log in - Go to the Administrator's Backend
2.) Customer - Click the Customer page and find your Customer name.
3.) Part Category - Go to the Part Category tab and add new category.  Input the name.  Note: This is the name the portal users will see.
4.) Input a description - This can be used iternally but note it is displayed on the storefront when editing a part category from the admin module.
5.) Show Large Part Images - This refers to the Browse Products page.  If set to yes, then users will see large part images when browsing from one category to another.  
6.) Default Open - If another part category is not already set to default open, then you can choose Yes.


7.) Category Image  - If the user group is set up to show Part Category Images, then when an image is uploaded, the storefront user can click on the category image to view the parts instead of clicking on the left hand category links in the browse page.
8.) Add parts - Add all the parts that belong to this category so that portal users will have access to them.
9.) Add User - You can add individual users when needed, but generally it is better to add designated users to the Usergroup instead of having to add each user one by one.
10.) Add User Groups - Add the usergroups that contains all the users that should have access to all parts added to this category.
11.) Click Save - Now you can view this new category on the storefront.
** Ranking:  Ranking is used when you want the categories to appear in a specific order. 
Note: Portal users with Admin Access have the ability to add user groups and parts to Part Categories.

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