Set up a new Customer quickly!

Quick Customer Set up

The minimum requirements for setting up a customer are as follows. 

Note: this article assumes the administrator's site has already been set up and all operational and production configurations have been added.

1.) Add Customer:  Add a new Customer from the customer page and input all required fields such as name, site contact, and payment options.

Not required, but is recommend, go to Settings tab and input the Order Number Prefix to help differentiate order numbers based on prefix. If a prefix is not added, then the order number will be an auto generated sequential number for that customer.  The order number will start at 1.


2.) Add Carrier: Browse to the new Customer and go to Customer details. Click the Carrier tab and add the required carrier to be accessible to the portal users.


3.) Create Customer Address: Go to the Customer / Addresses page and input customer address. 

Not required, but is recommended to assign this address to default in the billing, mailing, shipping and/or pack list address fields in the system.  Click save and continue.  


4.) Create Usergroup: Go to the User group page and add the group name and select the payment options.


5.) Add User: Go to the User page and add new user contact information.  Select the user group this new user should be assigned to. 

Not required, but it is recommended to check the order placed and order shipped options under the Email Distribution.  Also, if the new user is an internal user for set up and testing purposes, go ahead and check the Admin Access option as well.


6.) Set up Part Category: Go to the Part Category page and Add new Part Category; for quick set up, we suggest naming the category All Products if category names are still pending from the client. Click Yes, Default Open.  Next, click the Category User Groups tab and add your newly created User Group to this part category. 


7.) Add Products: Go to the Parts page and add parts.  Input the sku, select the new customer, input description and click Create New Part. Next, click the Part Categories tab and add this part to the Part Category; ie All Products.

Not required, but if you have many similar parts that need to be set up, you can use the New Revision button to quickly add new parts to save time. The new revision functionality copies all set up options to the new SKU except for the soft proofing project, and SKU name.


The only thing left to do is a quick portal test which ensures the end user's portal experience.  To test your site do the following:


Quick Portal Test

1.) Go to the user page and click the icon to log in as your new user.

2.) Go to the Portal, find a product, click Add to Cart.

3.) Input "This is a test order" in the comment section of the checkout page.

4.) Follow the checkout process and place a test order.

5.) Once the order has been placed and reviewed, go to the Administrator's back end and Cancel the test order.


Please leave a comment and let us know how these steps worked for you. 





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    Joy Surratt

    Also, to Add a user to your customer's portal, do the following:

    1.) Go to Portals

    2.) Click Portals / Customer name

    3.) Click Users

    4.) Click Add User

    5.) Fill out the details

    6.) Add Usergroup to user. 

    And you're all set. 

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