How to set up Order level Custom Fields?

Order level custom fields are fields you can add to the Portal Checkout page to acquire more information about the user's order.  For instance, suppose you need to know the region of the user's order that it's going to, or maybe you want the user to answer a specific Yes or No question upon checkout.   To set up order level custom fields do the following:  

1.) Go to the company settings

2.) Click on Customer then on the left click the Custom Fields

3.) Input the name (the text the enduser will see on the checkout page next to the field) 

4.) Select whether it will be an input box, or a drop down list.  

5.) If it's an input box, add the max number of characters, if it's a drop down list, add the drop down options. 

6.) Save and check it out. 

7.) These custom fields will be available to all users in the check out page. 

8.) The data acquired from the custom fields are captured and can be obtained by running the Order details or Order Top level reports.  

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