What are Dynamic Kits?

Dynamic kits are customizable kits.  This type kit can be set up to allow the enduser to remove components from their kit order as well as customize the order quantity needed for the kit.  


A. All users to customize their own kit

B. Add component groupings

C. Set components to required or not required

D. Allow user to edit order quantity or not


To set up a Dynamic kit do the following: 

1.) Go to the Admin Backend

2.) Go to Parts / Part Kit 

3.) Select Kit Type / Dynamic

4.) Add name and description and save

5.) Next click add parts 

7.) Click on the component part details to further edit.

8.) Opt to require or not require each component.

9.) Input a group name if desired.

10.) Set the edit option -  (editable order quantity) 

11.) Save

12.) Add the kit to the part category. 

13.) Test that you have the intended set up and you're all set. 


A few things to note;  The kit price for Dynamic type kits are summed price total of the orderable unit price of each sku.  

Please let us know this article helped and happy kitting. 


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