How to change the order of Part Categories?


To change the order that the part categories are displayed on the portal do the following:  

1.) Go to the customer / part categories 

2.) From the page that lists all part categories, change the order by inputting a number in the group ranking field. 

3.) You can also "nest" sub categories under parent categories by clicking on the Edit Part Category Hierarchy.  

- Click on a part category so that it's selected

- Drag and drop into the parent category you want it to show under

- You can continue creating nested tiers by dragging and dropping other categories into the sub categories as well. 


Need to change the order of the products / skus within the part category? 

1.) Go to that part category

2.) Click the Category parts tab

3.) See the list of all the skus added to the part category

4.) Input the Rank number in the Ranking field for each sku. 

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