How to cancel an order?


To cancel an order from the backend admin system, follow the steps below. 

1.) Go to Orders / Order Number / Click the order number for details

2.) Click update status

3.) Select Firm OR Cancel order.  The firm or cancel option will be available based on the status the order is currently in. 

A bit more information on this. 

1.) If the order is already partially shipped and you click to Cancel

a. The orderlines with 0 shipped items will be set to Canceled

b. The orderlines with 1 or more shipped items will be set to Closed.

2.) If a refund is needed for the order

a. You will need to process this through your merchant

3.) If an Update status is not an option

a. The order is in a status that cannot be changed. 

b. Order statuses cannot be changed when the order is in Awaiting Shipment or Picking or Fast Pick status.  

c. You can go ahead and ship out the order, then submit an RMA to push the items back to inventory to make them available for ordering again. 



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