How to add payment options?


Payment options consist of the following: 

- Credit Card

- PO

- Deferred Billing 

- Co-op Only

To add one or more of these options the portal you will go to each usergroup and set the options from a drop down list from the Allowed Payment Options section.  * note that you can also add these options to the customer level settings and for all NEW usergroups, these options should be preset.  

Below is a quick review of how each option works in the portal. 

- Credit Card

This option allows you to accept credit cards from the portal when the user submits their order.  Before you set this as an option you will need to have the gateway credentials available first. 

1.) Go to System / Site / Payment Gateway

2.) Add Gateway and input your credentials

* Note we use Spreedly which allows api connection to many different gateways.  Checkout the options at 

3.) Once you have added the gateway go to the portal and submit a test order.

4.) The order should be submitted along with a pre authorization number (note-each gateway is a little different and the amount and methods used for pre-authorization will vary).   

5.) Once the order is submitted, go the backend / Orders / Process payment page and you will find the pre-authorization and order number in this page.  You can choose to close or process the payment at this time. 

6.) Additionally, there is also an option on the portal customer basic information page that allows you to set whether to automatically CAPTURE payment at time of order, or authorize the payment.  

7.) Lastly, on the customer settings there is an option to allow Saved Credit Cards.  This allows the user to opt to select the credit card they want to use by checking the optional last four digits of the card from the placeorder page. 


- PO

This option allows the user to input a PO number at time of order.  This PO number can be found in the Order details of the order as well as in the Process Payment page IF you go to portals / customer detail / settings and set the Create Payment Record for All = "Yes".   


- Deferred Billing 

This option allows user to submit their orders without payment submission.  You can pull order level reports to capture all deferred billing totals and details by utilizing the reporting features. 

Go to Reports menu / Standard Reports / Click Orders / then Order Top Level. 

Select the customer and then you can further filter and customize the report as needed to obtain the data needed for your internal processes. 


- Co-op Only

This option allows users to pay with their co-op funds.  Note if they have not been assigned funds or co-op buckets, then they will not be able to submit their orders.  You can assign co-op funds to the users by logging into the portal as a Portal Admin and go to Admin / Set up / Co-op Funds.  For more help with this, search for how to set up Co-op funds or submit a ticket to 











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