How to set up a portal home page?


Propago allows Backend Admins to create custom landing pages for the client.  

Once the landing page is created, go to the usergroups and set the landing page to the new page name created.   

Follow the steps below for further details. 


1.) Go to Portals / Click the customer name / Pages

2.) Click Create page and input Page Name

* Note this will be the name to appear in the drop down list when you go to the Usergroup and assign the Landing page.  

3.) This feature is a WYSIWYG and you can flip the format to also input HTML and other tags as needed.

4.) If you need further assistance with creating your landing page, you can also shoot over a help desk ticket to request assistance or review of proper set up.

5.) Next steps once the new page is created

- Go to the Usergroup that should be landing on this new page

- Update the "Landing Page" option to this new Page name

6.) Once completed you will log in as a user assigned to this usergroup to view the changes on the portal. 



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