How to change text on the Portal


Propago allows you to customize some text for labels and menus on the portal. 

To do this follow the steps below.   



What –   Screen definitions allows backend admins to customize portal labels throughout the storefront.

Why –  This allows the client’s portal to be customized and further branded as their own to assist in usability per their needs.

Example – If the client wants to change the field label of the Check Out page’s Comments fields from Comments to “Add Order Comments” they will do this by updating and uploading the Screen Definition File.  

How -   The backend admin user will do the following to make changes to the screens definitions.

  • Add Screen Definitions
    1. Go to System / Site / Screen Definitions
    2. Download file
    3. Make changes to the appropriate definitions
      1. Only change the text in the VALUE column
    4. Upload the new file


  • Assign the Definitions to the Customer
  1. Go to Customer Information
  2. Select the appropriate Screen Definition file from the dropdown menu of the Front-end Screen Definition options
    1. ** Note that Customer Level Screen Definition selected option will default this option in all New User groups created.


  • Assign the Definitions to the User group
    1. Go to User group Information
    2. Select the Screen Definition option from the dropdown menu


  • Login as user and confirm the screen definition changes.


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